The primary school

In Żukowo, gmina Sławno, one of the most modern primary schools in Poland was created. INLOGIC was responsible for the entire intelligent side of the investment. The work began in December 2016. The building, covering the area of 2300 m2, was equipped with a wide spectrum of solutions of building automatics. Our best designers developed the system of management of all of the installations within the building, basing on the highest international KNX standard. The properly configured and programmed devices ensure the efficient functioning of the place as well as energy savings.

The school joined the LEMUR program – Energooszczędne Budynki Użyteczności Publicznej (Eng. “Energy-saving Public Buildings”), which required a system that could store and control data regarding the functioning of devices. The intelligent management KNX system enables this function, as well as the remote control of the facility’s most important functions. There is a possibility to effectively control the level of lighting, air conditioning and ventilation. The building automatically activates and deactivates lights according to the work timetable. Moreover, every room is equipped with sensors which switch on the adequate light after detecting movement in a given room. The lighting of the exterior area and the facade is controlled by an astronomical clock by means of the KNX standard.

standard KNX

Every room is connected to the system which sets optimal conditions for the classes on the basis of the plan of the lessons. The system maintains a specific level of temperature in the particular rooms. Four types of temperature are set in the classes: comfort, absence, night and anti-freezing. The modes are activated depending on the scheduled classes and weather conditions. When a window or a door is opened, the heating is deactivated or the loss of heat is reduced by means of the central heating system. If the system does not detect any presence for a longer period of time, heating is put on standby. Analogically, regardless of the predefined mode, if it detects movement, it activates heating in the comfortable mode.

standard KNX

The KNX system we installed also makes it possible to control the ventilation in the building. The heating pumps are also equipped with the KNX module of communication and are connected to the whole system. It is possible to control the temperature of water heating, as well as the state of the fire-fighting lids in ventilation shafts. The moving facade blinds adjust to the lighting conditions outside. We also equipped the school with photovoltaic panels. As a result, the facility is capable of producing energy for its own needs, reducing the costs.

The headmaster of the school can supervise everything remotely via a tablet or phone, as well as by means of traditional wall switches. However, the daily and pre-programmed functions of the building do not require any additional control.