The PrintGroup printing house

The structure built in Cukrowa street in Szczecin is a multi-storey building of a printing house also known as Booksfactory. Its construction began in the second quarter of 2016. The total area of the building is about 5.000 m2. The printing house was designed by an architectural office, specialising in large investments dedicated to public use – TUES, represented by Krzysztof Słomiany and Daniel Strzeszewski. True to its idea, it is the most modern book printing establishment in this part of Europe.

In this enormous hall and office space, our team designed and completed the installation of an intelligent electricity system in the open KNX standard. In the case of such a big structure, the intelligent system plays a key role in the management of all of the functions. By using the modern visualisation named Cubevision, the investor can control the integrated centre of ventilation, air conditioning or lighting in the whole building by means of a phone or a tablet.

The automatic choice of the method of heating the building, for example by means of air conditioning or the heat from a gas boiler depending on external temperature, helps to achieve the best possible energy effectiveness of the building. The heating and ventilating apparatus, basing on current data, sets the appropriate and optimal working temperature on its own. Temperature management is also associated with the current season so that, for example, when a window is opened, the air conditioning or heating stops. This solution entails energy savings and the reduction of costs.

The seamless transition of Dali lighting makes it possible to adjust the intensity of lighting to workstations. The lighting stages harmonised with the working hours of the establishment also result in additional benefits. To control the lighting, elegant switches with a white frame from the classic Busch-axcent® series were installed. We equipped the building with the highest quality alarm system based on the Satel standard. The installed system of controlling access facilitated the functioning of the company as it helped to preserve the security of data and property and improved the communication between people in the area of the company.