KNX – Worldwide standard of smart installation solutions

Creating smart installations, we work based on worldwide KNX standard. Here are several reasons for which it has been chosen:
światowy standard KNX
Kabel magistralny

Highest quality and experience

KNX is the only system meeting requirements of the European and international norm which specifies requirements of building automation. KNX system has been on the market for over 25 years.  An investment, which is erecting a house, is  the expenditure for many years, therefore it is worth selecting verified solutions.

Thousands of users worldwide 

A licensed contractor has to meet a series of technical and legal requirements, which guarantees the highest standard of activity and reliability. KNX Association requires a high quality production and all the time supervises over the quality of products manufactured. Thus, the system was verified and appreciated by thousands of users worldwide, applied in detached houses, apartments, flats and companies.

Insured for future

KNX is the only in the world an open standard for building and household automation insured for future. It is the continuation of  EIB system existing since 1987. Appliances of the first generation are still compatible with new KNX appliances just placed on the market. The standard can be applied both in New and existing buildings, and KNX installations can be extended without difficulty.

Plusy KNX

Wide Range

In the system based on the worldwide KNX standard, all the appliances can be practically integrated. Cooperation of various producers (contrary to other systems) is the characteristic property, which allows for selection from a wide range of possibilities, appliances and styles. 

Comfortable Management

Contrary to a house having ordinary electrical installation, in KNX system, the appliances connected will cooperate.  The management system allows for comfortable controlling programmed functions such as, e.g. temperature, humidity, shutters, safety systems e.g. monitoring and alarms, lighting, amplification and a lot others. After connection of installations to the Internet, an user can control their house from each place in the world.


INLOGIC offers appliances of best worldwide brands.  We cooperate with leading producers, and a long period of our business activity  is the guarantee of the services which we provide.

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