The ICT Poland factory

Near the German border, in Kostrzyn nad Odrą specifically, there is a production complex of ICT Poland. It is an international facility producing high quality hygienic paper. The factory is modern and fully automated. Its products can be found on the Polish market with the Foxy brand. The offer includes household products such as kitchen towels, toilet paper, tissues and napkins.

The extending and rebuilding of the office of ICT Poland is our choice for “Budujący sierpień” (Eng. “The August of Building”). The investment consists of two stages. First, we complete the whole new wing of the structure, more specifically the electrical installation with the division into lighting, switchgear, and cable routes. We prepare external, internal, facade and evacuation lights for the investment. The lighting installation is based on high quality products provided by Zymtobel Group.

The employees of the ICT Poland office will be able to manage the intensity of lighting and lighting stages in the rooms by means of the installed DALI drivers. In-ground lighting fixtures are going to be placed around the building. They will automatically activate once it gets dark. In the office building, we are also working on the whole teletechnical installation of the state-of-the-art 7th category. The high-speed LAN network is to facilitate the flow of information between computer devices. We are also responsible for the installation of fire alarms and smoke extraction installations. The nest stage of the investment features the construction of LAN, fire alarm and smoke extraction installations in the older wing of the building.

While changing the arrangement of rooms, it will also be necessary to replace the electrical system.