The legal advisors’ office

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych BD was meant to be a modern building, characterised by high standards and a fully functional office for both the people working there as well as visitors. The investors provide services at the highest level, so they wanted the interior of the building to reflect that. Karol Barcz, the architect, accepted this challenge and while designing he asked us to cooperate in this endeavour. The INLOGIC team designed and built the entire intelligent electrical installation in the building.

Busch-axcent - KNX

True to the concept, with the changes in the company, there is a possibility to configure the arrangement of rooms in the building. The office consists of three independent establishments which, if needed, can be combined into a single unified space. This idea could not be fully realised if not for the modern electrical installation based on the international KNX standard. Thanks to this open and intelligent system, the building is much easier to control and manage as a whole. It also increases security, economical efficiency and the comfort of its users. What makes KNX systems stand out from other solutions is the possibility to fully integrate virtually every device installed in the building. The choice of this standard guarantees the reliability and experience of the world biggest companies.

Busch-axcent - KNX

The whole office was created in a simple yet modern and elegant style, with the use of natural wooden elements. Gray and white colours dominate the space. Large glazing provides adequate lighting from the outside. Very high doors and cabinets which fill the space form a smooth surface with the walls, introducing order and harmony to the establishment. In terms of point-control elements, we proposed stylish white-framed switches from the classic Busch-axcent® series, which enable the configuration and creation of lighting stages. An example of such a stage is the ability to switch off the selected electrical circuits by means of a single click. Near the exit, a single button makes it possible to shut down the lighting in the whole complex along with the lowering of all exterior blinds.