The intelligent building

The intelligent building is a structure equipped with the newest electrical installation based on the international open standard KNX. In contrast to a normal building, it can fully integrate virtually every type of applied installation into a single central system of management. By using the intuitive visualisation called CubeVision, you can control virtually every function, such as lighting, heating, monitoring, alarm, blinds, facade shutters, ventilation, air conditioning, sound, etc. with a tablet, phone or a laptop. All pieces of equipment exchange information with each other and adjust to the varying conditions. In such an integrated building, devices perform many operations automatically on their own. Consequently, there is no need to remember about them every day. They influence security, comfort and energy consumption.


KNX – Worldwide standard of smart installation solutions

Creating smart installations, we work based on worldwide KNX standard. Here are several reasons for which it has been chosen:


INLOGIC offers appliances of best worldwide brands. We cooperate with leading producers, and a long period of our business activity is the guarantee of the services which we provide.

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The possibilities of the intelligent building

Nowadays, the advancements in technology develop very rapidly and the possibilities are increasing with each passing day. Our task is to select ideal devices and adjust them to the individual needs of commercial and individual customers.

Below, you will find the spectrum of possibilities in an investment created by INLOGIC.

Lightning control

Lightning control

Even the smallest day-to-day activities can become special if they are accompanied by a scenery of light. You can control lightning and manage lightning sceneries with the use of elegant switches and personal appliances such as smartphone or tablet.

System alarmowy


The alarm system forms an integral part of an intelligent building, providing real safety to you. Alarm devices are used in order to secure your building; thus, it is of an utmost importance that they are efficient and properly adjusted.

System monitoringu

Monitoring (CCTV)

Thanks to monitoring you can check what is happening in a building from any place. In case of a visit of an uninvited guest, you will be immediately notified.

System nagłośnienia

Sound system

Thanks to multiroom sound system your favourite music can reach all rooms of the building. Due to subtly connected audio appliances, you can enjoy surround sound in all rooms.

Automatyka budynkowa

Automatic control

The operation of blinds or shutters provide you with comfortable and, most importantly, manual management of natural light in the building. Also, your intelligent building facilitates the operation of garage door or gateway.

Anti-icing system

Anti-icing system

Anti-icing installation increases safety during winter and are guarantors of dry road in demanding weather conditions. Thanks to it, you can forget about bothersome snow removal or damages caused by freezing water.

Instalacja fotowoltaiczna


Photovoltaic installation allows for the reduction of energy costs. The cooperation with the best manufacturer of photovoltaic panels will provide your investment with the highest level of safety.

Access control

Controlled access

one of the systems used to secure a structure, property or person is controlled access. The system increases security, but most of all, it allows for the swift identification of persons moving around the specific structure.

Charging stations

Electric vehicle recharge stations

electric cars are the future and the most powerful technological change. In parallel with the market of electric cars, their infrastructure is constantly developing – this means that the numbers of recharge stations are increasing.

Stage examples:

The basis of functioning of an integrated building is founded largely on the use of the so-called “stages”. By working together, these planned and automated activities save time, money and provide comfort to the users.