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Our priority and biggest passion is the creation of safe and comfortable places. We know that building a house is always a difficult undertaking. We try to help You with our expertise as early as at the construction planning stage.

We assist You in selecting the appropriate devices not only to ensure comfort, but also, what is most important for You and Your dearest ones, safety. Our passion and our experience of over 20 years allow us to make any dream, even the most sophisticated one, a reality. We take an individualised approach to every project. We select the appropriate system depending on the habits, personalities and needs of its users. The household members are able, irrespective of their current location, to change the settings by using the control panel, their computer or smart phone with no problem at all. As a result, the smart home is integrated and under the control of its owner.

We can even make the simple daily activities exceptional and pleasant. Our objective is to make You and Your dearest ones experience some unforgettable moments, perfect comfort and rest. We take care of Your good mood by creating a pleasant atmosphere with a composition of light, music, colours and temperature.

The progress in technology is very dynamic, which is why we always keep up with the technological innovations which are designed to serve people. Therefore, we know how to select the ideal device to guarantee an even better living comfort and to facilitate the organisation of the everyday activities. We design and install smart installations in such a manner that the users can operate them with no difficulty. INLOGIC is a guarantee of full satisfaction.

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We are open to various ideas.  We will look into every idea and will be willing to listen to all suggestions. If You wish to start cooperation with us or would like to receive more information about our activity, our Public Relations Specialist remains at Your disposal.

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Magdalena Bretes
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