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The real estate market in Poland is developing dynamically. To meet the ever-increasing expectations of Your customers, we would like to offer You the most modern installations dedicated for new constructions.

Today, customers look for developer offers with comfortable, safe and energy efficient solutions. With a smart home system added to Your construction, not only will You raise the prestige of the property but also its functionality and safety. The smart home system based on the KNX standard is more and more frequently used in the recently constructed residential buildings.  An increasing interest in this solution results from the fact that the consumers recognise the advantages of having this modern installation. There is no doubt that its biggest advantages for the users include energy effectiveness and the significantly increased comfort of living. We can assure You that customer satisfaction will translate into an interest in Your subsequent developments thanks to the so-called word-of-mouth.

The smart home system will allow You to raise the standard of your residential or commercial premises. With INLOGIC You can stand out from the crowd of competitors and offer Your customers a modern property. In consequence, You will earn recognition and gain many more opportunities.

We hope to see You at our showroom for a presentation of our smart solutions. If You wish to make an appointment with one of our advisers, please be advised that it is recommended to fill in the contact form.


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